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Level C - Lesson 20

Level C - Lesson 20

1. Last year the potato harvest was very disappointing, but this year it looks as though we shall have a better ________.

2. He was in ________ of a large number of men.

3. He was born during the war, which would ________ him about 50 now.

4. Hugh Jones never married, choosing to remain ________ all his life.

5. The salesman showed us ________ the washing machine.

6. The other driver failed to signal his ________ to turn right so I had to brake suddenly.

7. I wish you wouldn't call him ________ that insulting name.

8. We had ________ reached the church when we saw everyone leaving.

9. "My daughter, Mary, tries to ________ to see me at least once a week," Mrs Jones told the social worker.

10. No, she isn't stupid. ________ she's rather clever, and always has been.

11. The Foreign Minister resigned as a(n) ________ of the incident.

12. The names of the prizewinners will be ________ in the next issue of the magazine.

13. When the clock ________ twelve, we raised our glasses and drank to celebrate the New Year.

14. The library is only open ________ weekday mornings now.

15. His teachers think he is very good ________ drawing.

16. Every day thousands of ________ fly the Atlantic for negotiations with American firms.

17. Prices continued to rise while wages remained low ________ the Government became increasingly unpopular.

18. I would help Jane in her shopping if she ________ me.

19. ________ for a trip last Saturday?

20. I was always taught that it was ________ to interrupt.

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