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Level C - Lesson 23

Level C - Lesson 23

1. The butcher cut some steak, ________ it up and handed it to me.

2. Mr Willis ________ to take a breath test after the accident.

3. I do my best to practise the piano every day ________ it is difficult sometimes.

4. The goalkeeper's arm was so ________ injured that he couldn't play in the final.

5. His house is a ________ between a palace and a hotel.

6. The young man ________ case was described in the article never fully recovered his memory.

7. I ________ put my money there if I didn't think it was safe.

8. Driving in London is supposed to be confusing but I didn't find it at ________ difficult.

9. Peter enjoys ________ but doesn't like to walk very far.

10. Would you ________ the kettle on for some tea, please?

11. I suggest ________ the "soup of the day" rather than the pate.

12. Her father won't ________ to my marrying Sally.

13. It was so hot that I had to go indoors. I couldn't ________ it any longer.

14. Mr Browning had always liked the sea ________ they moved to the South Coast.

15. Just keep ________ on the baby while I cook the supper, will you?

16. By the time you receive this letter, I ________ for Japan.

17. You can depend ________ me.

18. He invested a lot of money ________ shipping.

19. I am trying to lose weight by ________ bread and sweet things.

20. One of the terrorists, when left alone with the hostage, attempted to persuade him that they were neither ________ nor ________, but only interested in calling international attention to their cause.

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