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Level C - Lesson 25

Level C - Lesson 25

1. I hope he's ________ to buy some bread; there's hardly any left.

2. If I were you, I ________ that dress while you have the money.

3. The vet decided that he had to operate ________ the cat to save its life.

4. I ________ like to apologize for not replying to your letter earlier.

5. Many accidents in the home could be ________ if householders gave more thought to safety in their houses.

6. Try to remember ________ bring your umbrella.

7. The bride looked absolutely ________ in her wedding-dress.

8. Susie didn't leave for the station until the very ________ moment.

9. When are you going to give back that money you ________ me?

10. My uncle was ________ by a gang of terrorist last week.

11. Each ________ of the family had to take it in turns to do the washing up.

12. He performs beautifully ________ the piano.

13. He comes ________ drawing lessons twice a week.

14. My aunt ________ a brightly-coloured thread round her finger so as not to forget her appointment.

15. You have a new baby-son? ________!

16. If my documents ________ last week, I would have been able to come back at least five days ago.

17. Children and old people do not take kindly to having their daily ________ upset.

18. They were warned never ________ with the members of any extremist group.

19. If that firm wants to attract workers it must ________ the pay.

20. I'm afraid this computer package is totally ________ for our organization.

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