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Level C - Lesson 26

Level C - Lesson 26

1. Some people think it is ________ to use long and little-known words.

2. The Chairman was so angry with the committee that he decided to ________ from it.

3. I want to see all of you here tomorrow morning at nine o'clock without ________.

4. The children were ________ by the television programme.

5. He ________ escape from the prison by dressing up as a guard, and then crossed the border by train.

6. A passer-by who actually witnessed the robbery ________ now been found.

7. It was impossible for her to tell the truth so she had to ________ a story.

8. The child woke up crying because she had ________ a nightmare.

9. I hope to get an answer to my letter by ________ of post.

10. Didn't it ever ________ to them that they would be punished?

11. We started early ________ to miss the worst of the traffic.

12. The children threw snowballs at ________ on their way to school.

13. Don't be so sure ________ yourself.

14. She usually buys her eggs ________ the dozen.

15. He's entitled ________ a pension, but he won't dream of retiring yet.

16. Before you run ________ other people, it is as well to consider your own faults.

17. The children won't go to sleep ________ we leave a light on outside their bedroom.

18. The effectiveness of Escher's work relies ________ his use of perspective.

19. The American Indians are suing the government for the return of their ________ lands.

20. Some animals are on the ________ of becoming extinct.

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