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Level C - Lesson 27

Level C - Lesson 27

1. One ________ of his job is that it is near where I live.

2. The children loved ________ the old castle.

3. This is a photograph of the school I ________ when I lived in Swindon.

4. - Freda: Do you know our city at all? - Barry: No, it's the first time ________ here.

5. Many accidents are caused by ________ driving.

6. Mr and Mrs Black were delighted when they ________ to sell their house so quickly.

7. It sounds ________ the situation is unlikely to improve.

8. He ________ very quickly after his illness.

9. Caring for her younger brother is a ________ burden for her, but she never complains.

10. The President made a wonderful ________.

11. There is a fault at our television station. Please do not ________ your set.

12. He ________ going by plane instead of hovercraft.

13. Please concentrate ________ what you are doing.

14. Many people do not approve ________ blood-sport.

15. You must encourage him ________ his efforts.

16. The ball ________ two or three times before rolling down the slope.

17. It's ________ helping you.

18. Would you agree that men pay less attention ________ than women do?

19. We can only give you the ________ number of refugees crossing the border at the moment.

20. As drunk as ________ = very drunk.

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