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Level C - Lesson 29

Level C - Lesson 29

1. Is there a bank where I can ________ these pounds for dollars?

2. The chief of police said that he saw no ________ between the six murders.

3. Smoking is a very bad habit, which many people find difficult to ________.

4. Would you ________ passing this book to Sue, please?

5. There's ________ to be frightened of the dog; he's quite harmless.

6. Her father won't ________ her drive his car.

7. The competitors in the car rally had to follow the ________ laid down by the organisers.

8. If only I ________ play the guitar as well as you!

9. It is a great ________ that the exhibition was cancelled at the last minute after all your work.

10. On our ________ to France, the car broke down twice.

11. He has adopted three orphans ________ his own six children so that, altogether, he has nine children to provide for.

12. I cannot understand how you put ________ these depressing surroundings.

13. I regret to say that you will have to take things ________.

14. We ________ to go to the concert, but we ran out of time and so, we didn't go.

15. No one ________ he was.

16. This house is cheap, but that one is ________.

17. If the line is busy, don't wait and ________.

18. If they ________ to that party, they would certainly have decided to attend it.

19. If I saw Mark, I ________ him to a party.

20. I was very ________ not to pass of the message about the holiday being cancelled.

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