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Level C - Lesson 31

Level C - Lesson 31

1. When the manager went to Canada on business his ________ took over all his duties.

2. He saw the plane crash into the sea when its engines ________.

3. You are going to come to the party, ________?

4. You will never finish that job by tomorrow morning unless you ________ some help.

5. It's difficult to pay one's bills when prices keep ________.

6. After the death of her mother, Diana was brought ________ by her aunt.

7. But why did the police suspect you? It just does not make ________ to me.

8. When she heard that her son had crossed the road without looking, she told him he ________ do it again.

9. He went to Australia hoping to find a teaching ________ without too much difficulty.

10. I can't ________ what he's doing; it's so dark down there.

11. We have ________ good transport in my country.

12. I'd like you to meet a very good friend of ________, Alan Davis.

13. They travelled to Spain by the most ________ route.

14. The film was based ________ a novel by Dickens.

15. I should be grateful ________ any advice you can give.

16. I was shocked ________ his indifference!

17. The Director has just gone on his ________ leave. He gets four weeks' holiday a year and he is taking it all at the same time. So if you wish to see him, come back in a moment's time.

18. They have ________ this minute left for the station.

19. To my ________, inflation is a far greater danger than nuclear arms.

20. Mr and Mrs Hudson are always ________ with each other about money.

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