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Level C - Lesson 32

Level C - Lesson 32

1. I took that faulty kettle back to the shop where I'd bought it and asked the ________ if they would change it for me.

2. - Flora: You're awfully behind with the work, aren't you? - Daisy: I know. I ________ to the cinema last night.

3. You will spend at least one year working abroad ________ you can find out how things operate overseas.

4. I can ________ with most things but I cannot stand noisy children.

5. I think he is ________ his time looking for a job there; they are not taking any staff on at present.

6. It is a good idea to be ________ dressed when you go for a interview.

7. I was pleased to see how ________ she looked after her recent illness.

8. Shall we ________ across this field instead of going by the road?

9. Write to me and tell me ________ about your holiday in Switzerland.

10. It's rude to interrupt when someone else is ________.

11. - Betty: I didn't really enjoy the party last night. - Adela: No, and ________.

12. ________ of the month, I hope I shall have lost another two kilos.

13. I reasoned ________ him, but he would not listen to me.

14. He is responding ________ treatment and will soon be cured of his illness.

15. Nothing will prevent him ________ succeeding.

16. He criticised everything and everybody and even ran ________ his few friends.

17. Why did you have ________ his last lecture?

18. I was sitting in a cafe ________ afternoon when I saw the Prime Minister pass by.

19. The ________ question in this case is whether the accused had a motive for this crime or not.

20. She's the best assistant I've ever had. I couldn't ________ for a better one.

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