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Level C - Lesson 33

Level C - Lesson 33

1. You are not allowed ________ in this carriage.

2. I think you'd better ________ before they return.

3. "I ________ you all," she said, as she ran out of the room in tears.

4. I'm sorry we're late; it's all my ________!

5. I chose these curtains because they are my ________ shade of red.

6. I wonder ________ like to travel by Concorde.

7. Two other ________ in his argument for his country's independence are worth a mention.

8. Several soldiers were ________ wounded in the battle. They needed a lot of help.

9. Bill's a lucky fellow, he always seems to fall on his ________.

10. ________ experience of working in an office environment is essential for this job.

11. Only by shouting very loudly ________ a taxi to stop for her.

12. For a long time after the accident, he suffered from constant ________ in his back.

13. An enormous ________ of rubbish had built up in the factory yard over the years.

14. Experiments have proved that children can be instructed ________ swimming at a very early age.

15. Mark will come ________ home quite late.

16. I was instructed ________ drawing once upon a time.

17. How can you agree ________ such an idea when you are ignorant of the basic facts?

18. It was ________ to meet you.

19. Unexpectedly the lights ________ out and we were left in the darkness.

20. For this recipe to be successful, you ________ cook the meat for at least two hours in a moderate oven.

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