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Level C - Lesson 35

Level C - Lesson 35

1. The teachers at the school ________ with 'flu one after the other.

2. The bank manager agreed to give me 200$, ________ the 500$ he had already lent me.

3. What do you usually ________ for delivering things?

4. She chose some attractive ________ paper for the Christmas present.

5. It was very beautiful cloth ________ from silk.

6. We've ________ of time to catch the train so there's no need to rush.

7. He put the two letters into the wrong envelopes ________ mistake.

8. She seems very confident but you ________ never judge by appearances.

9. We couldn't have our picnic because it began to ________ with rain.

10. The three friends all ________ for the same job.

11. Our plane was ________ for over four hours because of fog.

12. I have to be careful which soap I use, because my skin is very ________.

13. The government wants people to set ________ their own businesses.

14. He's intelligent but he ________ common sense.

15. I wonder who drank all the milk yesterday. It ________ have been Jane because she was out all day.

16. The government is opposed ________ giving people large pay rises.

17. I will show you his letter if I ________ it.

18. After the ________ journey, the President sent a request to the Prime Minister asking that they ________ their meeing until he had an opportunity to refresh himself.

19. He gave a dramatic ________ of his adventures in the heart of Africa.

20. Many people are camping for the ________ of whale hunting.

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