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Level C - Lesson 37

Level C - Lesson 37

1. ________ you leave for the station very soon, you'll miss the train.

2. I haven't met him, but I did once ________ across his wife.

3. Tom ________ his next appointment at the doctor's.

4. The wind blew so hard and so strongly that the windows ________ in their frames.

5. They would ________ go by air than spend a week travelling by train.

6. It's all over between Pete and Anne: she's walked ________ on him.

7. He has a bad cold and won't be ________ to play in the match tomorrow.

8. He spoke so fast I couldn't understand ________ he was talking about.

9. Please go in. Mr Jones is free ________ you now.

10. Everyone felt ________ for Mr Atkins when he lost his job at the factory.

11. What ________ will this decision have on the future of the club?

12. This year the roses were ________ a month earlier than usual.

13. Everyone shared ________ his happiness.

14. The climber failed ________ his attempts to reach the summit.

15. I tried to reason ________ him, but he was very rude to me.

16. Are you aware ________ the difficulties that lie ahead of you?

17. He is not different ________ anyone else.

18. The teacher often goes to see new exhibitions in art galleries. Dick usually goes there ________ him.

19. She worships the sun and ________ she always spends her holidays in Greece.

20. I'm afraid I can't come over this afternoon because I'm tied ________ at the office.

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