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Level C - Lesson 38

Level C - Lesson 38

1. People wore ________ they liked to the party: it was very casual.

2. He drives so quickly that I am afraid that one day he will ________ someone crossing the street.

3. Don't worry: the snake is perfectly ________.

4. One of the main advantages ________ the new PCX 232 personal computer is that it is very simple to operate.

5. You'd better set off ten minutes early ________ there is a lot of traffic.

6. When I saw Bill's reaction, I bitterly regretted ________ told him.

7. The shirt I was wearing today was torn, but I don't think anyone ________.

8. This is the oldest building ________ the village.

9. She was singing an old Spanish folksong, a favourite of ________.

10. So ________ people came to the theatre that they had to cancel the performance.

11. Research scientists are still looking for a cure ________ heart disease.

12. Put the salt in the water and let it ________ before adding the vegetables.

13. It is far too hot for you ________ the garden.

14. She told Alan ________ for borrowing her guitar without permission.

15. If you interfere ________ other people's affairs, you will regret it.

16. Are you aware of the difficulties that lie ahead ________ you?

17. I left my office after I ________ the last letter.

18. His doctor made him ________ in bed for a few days.

19. As quick as ________ = very quick (e.g. in running or seeing through a problem).

20. The police have not had time to complete their investigations, but they have concluded ________ that the explosion was caused by a bomb.

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