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Level C - Lesson 40

Level C - Lesson 40

1. In the jar there was a ________ which looked like jam.

2. Because his argument was so confusing, ________ people understood it.

3. We are ________ him to arrive at any moment.

4. You ________ worry about paying the gas bill - I've already done it.

5. I've made an appointment for 10 o'clock. Is that ________ for you?

6. You look ________ you've seen a ghost!

7. You ________ blame yourself for the accident. It wasn't your fault.

8. Naturally I'm ________ that I didn't pass the examination but I'll do better next time.

9. Today's newspaper has ________ interesting article on space travel.

10. Your brother is much taller ________ you.

11. My aunt and uncle always quarrelled about their tea; she liked it strong but he wanted it ________.

12. Getting divorced was a ________ decision for us to make, but I'm sure it was the right one.

13. Mr Smith was ________ in a road accident.

14. We expected him at eight but he finally ________ at midnight.

15. Buses into town run ________ twenty minutes or so.

16. Can you possibly make ________ what he has written here?

17. I can't say what her name is though it is ________.

18. Whether or not to abolish corporal punishment in schools is still ________ in educational circles.

19. I ________ a nice present yesterday.

20. As bold as ________ = cheeky, impudent.

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