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Level C - Lesson 45

Level C - Lesson 45

1. Susan had had a special ________ with her aunt ever since her mother died.

2. The child was so noisy that his mother told him not to be such a ________.

3. I took ________ tennis again at the beginning of this year.

4. Would you ________ the stamps on to the envelope for me, please?

5. The robber ________ everyone in the bank lie on the floor before he escaped with the money.

6. There are ________ people who always cause trouble.

7. I am late because my alarm clock never ________ this morning.

8. In spite of her protests, her father ________ her train for the race three hours a day.

9. Eustace was standing ________ of the diving board, showing off his physique.

10. - Stewart: Let's go and have lunch. - Herbert: I mustn't stop ________ on this for another ten minutes.

11. Would you mind if I ________ the window?

12. It was wrong of you to talk to her like that - the next time you see her, you ________ apologize.

13. If he's not back ________ midnight, I'm going to phone the police.

14. He ________ his wife and children and left them to take care of themselves.

15. Henry ________ on complaining to the manager in person.

16. Trevor has a great ________ for Capri because he spent his honeymoon there.

17. Like Micawber, I hope ________ something better.

18. I would go to Cracow if I ________ time to do it.

19. Of course I'll play the piano at the party but I'm a little ________.

20. The coal is mined day ________ night by a system of shift work.

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