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Level C - Lesson 48

Level C - Lesson 48

1. My phones is out of order, which is a ________.

2. The organizers decided to go ahead with the match ________ the bad weather.

3. He kept his job ________ the manager had threatened to sack him.

4. It takes most people three or four days to ________ from flu.

5. The house has been left empty for a long time; it will be expensive to ________ the damage that has been done.

6. We were ________ by the noise in the forest.

7. No thanks, I won't have another chocolate: I'm trying to ________ weight.

8. Is there ________ at all I can do to help?

9. I'm afraid I can't repair the car: we'll have to wait until the mechanic ________.

10. ________ you do better work than this, you won't pass the exam.

11. My parents got up very early this morning ________ pack the car for our journey.

12. "I ________ that a shame!" she said, when she heard that Alex had been sacked.

13. The deer ________ for the shelter of the forest when there are people about.

14. Everybody is very anxious about the ________ of the negotiations.

15. We have been corresponding ________ each other for years.

16. When he was questioned about the missing ring, he firmly ________ that he had ever seen it.

17. Have you ever been introduced to ________?

18. She's rung ________ I must have said something to upset her.

19. The police set a ________ to catch the thieves.

20. The rise in the house prices ________ him to seel his house for a large profit.

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