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Level C - Lesson 49

Level C - Lesson 49

1. He enjoyed the dessert so much that he accepted a second ________ when it was offered.

2. He put a ________ against the tree and climbed up to pick the apples.

3. The Dorchester is one of London's most ________ hotels.

4. Some drivers seem to expect everyone else to get ________ their way.

5. It's ________ long time since he last saw his brothers and sisters.

6. The dentist told him to open his mouth ________.

7. He left home more than an hour ago. He ________ be at work by now.

8. I ________ you wear the blue coat rather than the pink one.

9. When we were in London we went on a few short day ________ to some famous places.

10. The blue curtains began to ________ after they had been hanging in the sun for two months.

11. Arthur seems calm enough, but he has a very violent ________.

12. It's five years ________ I went to England.

13. They can only cure him ________ his illness if they operate on him.

14. I believe ________ taking my time.

15. He is not only indifferent to other people; he is often extremely rude ________ them as well.

16. You demand too much ________ him; he is not really equal to the task.

17. The branch unexpectedly gave ________ and the surprised cat found herself suddenly on the ground.

18. Betty saw her little brother ________ after his dog.

19. If you ________ Tom, tell him to come and see us on Friday.

20. Our magazine ________ in May if we receive all the articles on time.

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