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Level C - Lesson 52

Level C - Lesson 52

1. Take the number 7 bus and get ________ at Forest Road.

2. My sister had a baby daughter yesterday, and she is my first ________.

3. Will the Government be able to ________ all their immense difficulties?

4. There was nothing ________ to eat in the refrigerator or in the cupboard.

5. The teacher was angry with them because they kept ________ talking at the back of the class.

6. After going to several interviews, she eventually ________ to get a job.

7. If only he ________ told us the truth in the first place, things wouldn't have gone so wrong.

8. A small ________ of students was waiting outside the class to see the teacher.

9. Many countries still rely on rice as the ________ food.

10. Please take your place in the ________.

11. He liked to sit ________ the river and fish.

12. The poor man had fallen ________ in front of a bus.

13. Last time his teacher brougt him some books ________ art.

14. I am thinking of looking ________ a new job.

15. I've never been good ________ arithmetic.

16. I'm afraid it's pointless ________.

17. There is no need for you to shout ________.

18. I ________ him about it for more than two days now and I still don't know the answer.

19. He ________ his success to hard work.

20. Because the disease is relatively rare and doctors knoe little about it, any treatment prescribed can ________ the pain but cannot ________ the patient.

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