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Level C - Lesson 54

Level C - Lesson 54

1. When I was a child I always wanted to ________ to play the piano.

2. I can't make ________ what's happening.

3. I've put on so much weight that my clothes don't ________ me any more.

4. He's such a naughty child; it's amazing what his mother lets him ________ away with.

5. Bob ________ to the hospital five minutes before the birth of his daughter.

6. He took the trouble to write ________ the complete list for us.

7. ________ the papers, the Prime Minister is giving a speech on the economy tomorrow.

8. Clearing the weeds from the churchyard was a much harder ________ than the children had imagined it would be.

9. It is a minor road and very narrow and ________ in places.

10. My application for a trading licence was ________.

11. I am very fond of Graham Greene's novels. He is my ________ modern author.

12. Jane studied zoology at university and ________.

13. Biting one's fingernails is a very bad ________.

14. Are you saying you want me to work all weekend? You ________ be serious.

15. He is so keen ________ learning, you should encourage him in his efforts.

16. Don't blame me ________ that!

17. I don't think he actually had ________ me about his problems.

18. The judge shouted to counsel on both sides that he would ________ no argument on the issue and enjoined them to ________.

19. Leadville was ________ out when the silver boom collapsed in 1893.

20. The politician rehearsed his speech again and again until he was unsure that he was word ________.

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