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Level C - Lesson 55

Level C - Lesson 55

1. He often ________ about his expensive car.

2. Have you heard the news? Charles has got married ________ Sarah.

3. He went to bed ________ very ill.

4. Could you ________ me five pounds? I'll pay you back next Monday.

5. Doctors hope that one day a cure for cancer will ________.

6. My wife and I have much pleasure in ________ the invitation to your daughter's wedding.

7. He is a very ________ player. He practises for two hours every morning.

8. I had a ________, which I couldn't explain, that something terrible was going to happen.

9. If you're trying to lose weight, you should ________ off fatty food.

10. When he felt school, John decided to ________ a priest instead of studying languages.

11. She ________ drive to the station every day but then she suddenly decided to walk instead.

12. ________ hard he tries, John never wins at tennis.

13. When he was hit on the head, he ________ consciousness.

14. He got a bad mark because he had ________ a lot of mistakes in his homework.

15. The student who ________ in his exams was expelled from the school.

16. The car came round the corner ________ full speed.

17. I dreamt ________ you last night.

18. - Didn't he wait for me? - No, he ________.

19. If I can't come back on time, Betty ________ her dinner alone.

20. As black as ________ = very dirty.

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