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Level C - Lesson 56

Level C - Lesson 56

1. I am very ________ in the information you have given me.

2. Since his wife died, Roland has gone to ________.

3. I hope that you have read the contract and understand ________ it means.

4. When the team scored the winning goal, the crowd's ________ was amazing.

5. Beryl met her husband ________ a computer dating agency.

6. As far as I'm ________, it's quite all right for you to leave early.

7. There was another serious ________ of cholera there last month.

8. The ________ of the four workers led to a series of industrial troubles.

9. Betty struggled for a long time before she finally ________ to free herself.

10. Frank tried to think of a good excuse to ________ going to the meeting.

11. This meat is rather tough; you have to ________ it for a long time.

12. I always wear a seat-belt ________ I have an accident.

13. It usually takes a little while to ________ in a new flat.

14. Far more people ________ football on a Saturday afternoon than play it.

15. The bus conductor told him to get off because he couldn't pay the ________.

16. She is well-qualified ________ typing and very efficient at her work.

17. In order to ________ museums and legitimate investors and to facilitate the ________ of pilfered artifacts, art magazines often publish photographs of stolen archaeological treasures.

18. Despite some bad reviews, Horowitz' stature was not ________, and his fans and critics in Tokyo were unanimous in expressing their ________ of his unique talent.

19. a French window = ________.

20. The Tabors' fortune was ________ at more than $100 million.

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