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Level C - Lesson 6

Level C - Lesson 6

1. Her husband treated her badly. I'm surprised she ________ it for so long.

2. The bank manager ________ me to open a deposit account as soon as possible.

3. Oxfam tries to send food to countries where people are suffering ________ malnutrition.

4. If students are to understand the notice, the instructions must be ________ clearer.

5. ________ you like what I want to do or not, you won't make me change my mind.

6. Doctors usually have to study for at least seven years before becoming fully ________.

7. The weather was warm and pleasant with ________ a gentle wind to cool us down.

8. I wish you wouldn't ________ your clothes all over the floor.

9. ________ he had no money for a bus, he had to walk all the way home.

10. He didn't want to make up his mind until he had heard Pamela's ________ of the story.

11. It is strange that Lucy is as ________ as her mother is beautiful.

12. Since the accident he has walked with a ________.

13. We flew to the island, then ________ a car for three days and visited most places of interest.

14. In America, surgeons have given a man a(n) ________ heart.

15. The examiners had to ________ half the candidates.

16. The company made a record ________ last year.

17. We must economize ________ fuel.

18. When he finally understood what she was saying, everything ________.

19. I had to give a full ________ of my camera when I reported it stolen.

20. Jim's version of the facts doesn't ________ with the version I heard from Jules.

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