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Level C - Lesson 60

Level C - Lesson 60

1. I saw a thief take Norman's wallet so I ran ________ him, but I didn't catch him.

2. Could you ________ me to take back those library books tomorrow?

3. The new play at the National Theatre is well worth ________.

4. I'm not surprised you failed the exam. You ________ have worked harder.

5. ________ no need to buy traveller's cheques since most countries take credit cards.

6. He retired early ________ ill-health.

7. ________ did I have a headache, I also felt quite sick.

8. John, do you think you could ________ me $50?

9. They tell me he is ________ a lot of money in his new job.

10. Mr Hanley was ________ of stealing one of the office typewriters.

11. Simon tried harder than ________, but I'm afraid he failed the test yet again.

12. All traffic is being ________ because of the military parades.

13. Don't blame him ________ this; I am responsible for what has happened.

14. She often suffers ________ colds.

15. He ran so fast I couldn't catch up ________ him

16. He's never done any work. He lives ________ his mother.

17. The Inspectors' report ________ in its comments on the standard of reading and writing among school leavers.

18. Our car ________ in the street so you can see it through the window.

19. Due to the ________ of the materials needed to manufacture the product and the ever-increasing demand for it, it is highly probably that the final cost to the consumer will ________.

20. When I tried to walk I had a sharp ________ in my leg.

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