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Level C - Lesson 62

Level C - Lesson 62

1. The ________ thing about travelling by train rather than by car is that you can sleep or read during the journey.

2. I let the phone ring several times before I ________ the receiver.

3. We have arranged special insurance to cover medical ________ in the event of an accident.

4. Everyone who applies for a job with the company is given an intelligence ________.

5. If you hear the baby ________, please tell me.

6. In the last few weeks, a record number of cars ________.

7. He thought ________ getting a new job for a long time, but in the end he decided not to.

8. Of course I'm a Christian ________ I expect everyone who works here to be a Christian too.

9. I'm disgusted ________ your behaviour!

10. You forgot to thank Aunt Jane ________ her present.

11. I'm not very fond ________ dancing.

12. I was afraid of mentioning it ________ him.

13. We have a ________ future ahead with little comfort, food or hope.

14. She ________ me all about her new job when we meet next Thursday.

15. He ________ for Paris last Saturday.

16. I would have bought that camera, if I ________ money.

17. As soon as you ________ to the station, you'll meet Dick who is waiting for you at the entrance door.

18. If I had more time, I ________ some of those articles.

19. I'd be very ________ to go to Japan one day.

20. The product has been a great success. We're doing a roaring ________ in it.

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