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Level C - Lesson 63

Level C - Lesson 63

1. I shouldn't imagine there is ________ on earth who can answer that question.

2. Children in large families learn how to get ________ with other people.

3. Hello. Is that 21035? Please put me ________ to the manager.

4. ________ pleasant it is to sit here in the shade!

5. I'm going to ________ my dress dry-cleaned.

6. I'm afraid Grandfather's writing is becoming more and more ________.

7. They had to ________ some trees that had been standing for over a hundred years.

8. I ________ rather not go by coach, if you don't mind.

9. "Thank goodness you have come ________!" she exclaimed in relief.

10. It was a magnificent car which must have belonged to a very ________ person.

11. I'll give George your message the ________ I see him.

12. I had a ________ problem with my computer when I started to use it.

13. She is very stubborn, so it will be difficult to ________ her to go.

14. In the car park the detective came face ________ face with spy.

15. I can't afford a TV so we'll just have to do ________ one for the moment.

16. He is intent ________ passing the examination, but I'm doubtful about his chances.

17. ________ the evening Dick and Mark will meet again.

18. When he was washing his shirt in the bathroom, the telephone ________.

19. I am afraid, Mr Jones, that the bank is obliged to refuse your application for an extended ________.

20. The delay to the fight was brought ________ by bad weather.

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