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Level C - Lesson 65

Level C - Lesson 65

1. The boy fell into the river and was ________ along by the fast current.

2. In a greengrocer's shop there is a lot of ________ when fruit and vegetables are not sold.

3. If you don't know what the words means, why don't you look it ________ the dictionary?

4. - Do I have to make that French course? - No, you ________.

5. He had no way of making a fire so he had to eat the fish ________.

6. Her plane takes ________ at 3 p.m.

7. The child was told to ________ for being rude to his uncle.

8. I'll have to ________ to you, otherwise he will hear.

9. "I'll call ________ you at 6 o'clock," said James.

10. Try to write your figures clearly, the way Anne ________.

11. The concert was so ________ that the audience went to sleep.

12. When Mike entered the room, he looked rather pale and in ________ of a shave.

13. The traffic lights ________ to green, and the cars drove on.

14. Many people escaped ________ prison camps during the last war.

15. How long have you been working ________ this exercise?

16. I hope they will never be able to ________ his offer.

17. After I had discussed my plans with Professor Watkins I ________ to work on my dissertation.

18. Absenteeism per employee ________ out at 4 days a year.

19. The storm played ________ the cross-channel ferry crossings.

20. If you've got a ________ of cards, I'll show you some tricks.

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