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Level C - Lesson 71

Level C - Lesson 71

1. The only way to clean the box is to ________ it in soap and warm water.

2. It's ________ to rain again before morning.

3. Little Angela hasn't ________ her shyness yet.

4. The garage gave me a 5 per cent ________ for paying cash.

5. His cheek was very ________ after the wasp stung him.

6. ________ I have an orange juice, please?

7. Trade Union officials and management met today to discuss the ________ at the factory.

8. She was unable to warn her mother that she would be late because the telephone was ________.

9. Don't ________ him to arrive early. He's always late.

10. Our teacher explains things so quickly that sometimes I can't ________ her.

11. I'm so sorry I'm late, the car broke ________ on my way here.

12. The Prime Minister signed the agreement ________ the British Government.

13. Who is going to pay ________ the damage?

14. George is jealous ________ his younger sister.

15. He might be good ________ his job, but you can't rely on him.

16. He had been completely exhausted but felt considerably ________ after a meal and a rest.

17. My eldest brother intends to take ________ skating next winter.

18. The bank ________ planned to escape in a stolen car.

19. Which surgeon is ________ this month?

20. Mary was very annoyed that her secretary did not meet her deadlines, and she warned her that her laziness and ________ could result in her dismissal.

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