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Level C - Lesson 76

Level C - Lesson 76

1. Workers who do not obey the safety regulations will be ________ immediately.

2. The prisoner ran ________ down the hill and escaped.

3. His grandmother ________ born in France.

4. A young art student acted as our ________ when we visited the National Gallery.

5. Would you ________ some onions for me, please Marisa?

6. She was ________ TV when the phone rang.

7. Susan ________ visits her grandmother every Wednesday.

8. Mary went shopping; ________ John did some gardening.

9. To make a good omelette, you must ________ the eggs very well.

10. Is there somewhere I can ________ this jumper?

11. The policeman who stopped him asked him if ________ been drinking.

12. They caught him cheating. His chances of passing are ________ destroyed now.

13. We don't know her very well, only by ________.

14. The teacher ________ them the answer to the question.

15. He stroked his cat's silky fur and the cat ________ contentedly.

16. I wrote to the company ________ them for a catalogue

17. We played the game ________ the rules.

18. The ________ listened attentively to every word the vicar said in his sermon.

19. Although a solemn tone was appropriate to the seriousness of the occasion, the speaker lapsed into ________ which was depressing rather than moving.

20. The politician refused to be drawn into answering ________ questions.

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