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Level C - Lesson 77

Level C - Lesson 77

1. I'm very busy, so please don't disturb me ________ it's urgent.

2. The new factory ________ next week by the Prime Minister.

3. "Thieves will be ________."

4. In a break-in last week the burglars ________ all my jewellery but left the pictures.

5. The interference on the radio was ________ by weather conditions.

6. I'll be very surprised if you ________ the exam.

7. Will you ________ me to go to the bank in the morning?

8. The children did not know the ________ by which the game was played.

9. It's a very nice drink; I'm sure you would like it if you ________ it.

10. Peter, you're a stupid little boy! Stop ________ like that.

11. The man who lives opposite us sometimes comes ________ for a cup of coffee.

12. You can't miss my house: it's ________ the fire station.

13. If no one ________ to the plan, we will start next week.

14. Children should be prohibited ________ smoking.

15. How much did they charge you ________ that?

16. Although it is only a small business, its ________ is surprisingly high.

17. As there was no transport of any kind, he had to make the journey ________ foot.

18. I doubt ________ the company will make any profit at all this year.

19. He thinks he is really important but he is only really a big ________ in a small pond.

20. Since the evidence of the manuscript's ________ is ________, its publication will be postponed until a team of scholars has examined it and declared it to be genuine.

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