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Level C - Lesson 78

Level C - Lesson 78

1. You're looking very pale, do you ________ sick?

2. This is a challenging position in the car industry for a qualified ________.

3. Jane and Margaret ________ to live next door to each other at one time.

4. Rodney is fluent ________ five languages.

5. Aunt Ida has never really ________ from her nervous breakdown.

6. He sent ________ from Mallorca.

7. She ________ to work a little bit harder if she's going to pass the exam.

8. I met John ________ his bicycle along the pavement.

9. The manager expected the team ________ because they hadn't done enough training.

10. He asked her so many times to do it that ________ she did so.

11. While the builders were repairing the roof they ________ the bathroom window.

12. You really can't ________ a thing that woman says!

13. I tried to sew the button on myself, but I couldn't thread the ________.

14. He ________ the letter carefully and put it in the envelope.

15. Has it occured ________ you that she must have arrived at London airport by now?

16. You must comply ________ the rules of the game.

17. He confessed ________ me that he had just been converted to some strange religion.

18. I am sure he would have liked your sister if he ________ her.

19. In order to ________ the deadline for submitting the research paper, the student tried to ________ additional time from the professor.

20. He says he doesn't like his new school because he feels like a ________ out of water there.

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