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Level C - Lesson 79

Level C - Lesson 79

1. Children will work hard if the lessons are ________.

2. We have agreed ________ the need for firm action.

3. I walked ________ Piccadilly Circus and then caught a bus.

4. I'll cook the potatoes if someone will ________ them first.

5. Can you divide 30 ________ 6, please?

6. I didn't realize everyone was going to wear formal clothes and I felt ________ in my jeans and jumper.

7. I intend to leave ________ Paul is ready.

8. The colours in some of the photos we took two years ago have begun to ________.

9. The only feature ________ to these two flowers is their preference for sandy soil.

10. I ________ go now, or I'll be late for the lesson.

11. Now that he has retired, he lives partly on his pension and partly on the ________ on his post office savings account.

12. They were delighted ________ to come to the party.

13. With the breakdown of the latest round of talks, a strike must obviously be ________.

14. At the end of the winter, the price of winter clothes in the shops usually ________.

15. This company has always ________ to a strict no-smoking policy.

16. This is such a boring job to do. It's a real pain in the ________.

17. The car skidded to a halt after ________ its headlights smashed in the crash.

18. Try and ________ on the bright side- the worst may never happen!

19. Companies have to consider the age of the population when they are ________ new staff.

20. ________ through the attic and see if you can find anything for the jumble sale.

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