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Level C - Lesson 82

Level C - Lesson 82

1. When I went to talk to the manager, he told me he could only ________ me a few minutes.

2. There was a big hole in the road which ________ the traffic.

3. The factory paid ________ nearly a million pounds to their employees who were injured in the explosion.

4. I'm so out of ________ that I can't run ten meters without puffing.

5. He go out of bed and took a few ________ but couldn't go any farther.

6. You will have to repeat the course because your work has been ________.

7. ________ the BBC news, the plane crash was caused by engine failure.

8. I tried ________ the bus, but I missed it.

9. She showed a lot of ________ in her fight against the illness.

10. I've ________ for a job in Mexico. I hope I get it.

11. Prevention is better than ________.

12. The class failed to respond ________ the teacher's new methods.

13. I am sorry ________ having asked him.

14. He turned ________ me for help.

15. Are you interested ________ opera?

16. How do you account ________ this?

17. Has it ever occured to you that those twins are quite different ________ each other in many ways?

18. I left the meat on the table and as the weather was very hot, it ________.

19. He and I don't get on. We rub each other up the wrong ________.

20. If you have finished your homework, you ________ check through it carefully.

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