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Level C - Lesson 88

Level C - Lesson 88

1. The customs officer made her ________ her suitcase.

2. My doctor will not let me ________ animal fats any more.

3. - Barbara: It's curious that Roy can't ski better. - Leo: I know. By the end of the month, he ________ lessons for a full month.

4. ________ the terrible weather, the tennis tournament was cancelled.

5. The plate was right on the ________ of the table and could have been knocked off at any moment.

6. Scientists had never met this problem before: it was ________.

7. I was ________ about to ring up the office when he arrived home.

8. We would ________ to stay at home this evening.

9. We had to ________ our roof repaired after the violent storm.

10. I'm afraid it didn't ________ my mind that they weren't the right people to invite.

11. The child hurt himself badly when he fell ________ the bedroom window.

12. The hardest thing I ________ to do was to look after some children for a week.

13. He has had a bad day - in addition ________ being late for school, he forgot his homework.

14. After a lot of difficulty, he ________ to open the door.

15. Don't lean ________ that wall! You'll regret it.

16. It was very kind ________ him.

17. The production ________, we suffered considerable losses lately.

18. After his uncle's death, my husband ________ a lot of money.

19. The police are looking for a man of ________ height.

20. As dumb as ________ = stupid.

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