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Level C - Lesson 89

Level C - Lesson 89

1. The vase is definitely not ________, but just a very good imitation.

2. A wedding is a wonderful opportunity for ________ off new clothes.

3. These figures show a ________ in the number of unemployed people in England and Wales.

4. You'll need a visa ________ as your passport to go to the United States.

5. I'm afraid the lift is out of ________ so we'll have to walk up the stairs.

6. Timothy has lost a lot of money these last years in the casino. He is a ________ gambler.

7. The hotel receptionist said she would ________ what she could do about the dripping tap immediately.

8. The driver had to ________ quickly when the child stepped into the road.

9. To ________ to obey orders is a serious offence in the army.

10. "How can we ________ out together what we're to do if we never talk about it frankly?" she cried in desperation.

11. Two or three people were involved ________ the accident.

12. She may pride herself ________ her abitities, but she's not capable of bringing up children.

13. As the clouds drifted away an even higher peak became ________ to the climbers.

14. They lay almost flat and ________ through the tube-like underground passage.

15. They ________ her the truth.

16. Not all that ________ happened.

17. I told him to stop but he went on ________.

18. You are making too much noise! Stop ________ at once.

19. Tim was forced to leave his job but he got a very generous golden ________.

20. the spitting image of someone = ________.

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