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Level C - Lesson 9

Level C - Lesson 9

1. I can't understand how your father managed to ________ that man. He had deceived all the rest of us.

2. Our car is much older ________ than yours.

3. I ________ in bed all night thinking about it.

4. According to the doctor, there's absolutely nothing the ________ with you.

5. I looked everywhere but I couldn't find ________ at all.

6. It was ________ a simple question that everyone answered it correctly.

7. I'm sorry, but I like my eggs soft ________, not hard.

8. John was amazed when the train arrived exactly ________ time.

9. I'd like to take this ________ of wishing you all the best of luck with your exams.

10. Learners of English as a foreign language often fail to ________ between unfamiliar sounds in that language.

11. ________ my opinion, French cheese is better than English cheese.

12. Father would not ________ us to go there for the weekend.

13. Every day the old man's dog goes to the shop to ________ him a newspaper.

14. - Rex: It's already half-past six. - Hal: Good heavens, so it is! It's time we ________.

15. I drove around the town for half an hour but couldn't find a car ________.

16. The smell was so bad that it completely ________ us off our food.

17. Although he hasn't said anything he ________ to be upset about it.

18. It's strange. His sister are blonde, ________ he is very dark.

19. We very much ________ that you will come to dinner next Friday.

20. Crops are often completely destroyed by ________ of locusts.

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