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Level C - Lesson 90

Level C - Lesson 90

1. I don't ________ what people think about the way I dress.

2. Everyone ________ from Andrew has accepted our invitation.

3. After going for a long walk in the morning everyone ________ very hungry at lunch-time.

4. I haven't seen the film yet and ________.

5. Steak for breakfast and eggs for supper is ________, to say the least.

6. The car had a ________ tyre, so we had to change the wheel.

7. Because it rained very heavily all day they had to ________ the garden party until the following Saturday.

8. There has been a considerable ________ in Werner's English since he came to Britain.

9. Do you know ________ you call this in England?

10. I don't ________ to get married because I like being a bachelor.

11. Her rudeness upset him, and it took him a long of time to ________ it.

12. The plane crashed into a bridge because it was flying too ________.

13. He drove too fast ________ too often and was fined $20.

14. The young girl carefully ________ left and right before crossing the road.

15. A new study group has been ________ by the United Nations.

16. He was found guilty of murder and condemned ________ death.

17. When he heard the bad news, he broke ________ completely.

18. The Opposition cannot afford to ________ in such an important matter.

19. I've never seen her so angry. She's walking round with a face like ________.

20. Surprisingly, the frontier guards seemed ________ at our presence.

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