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Level C - Lesson 92

Level C - Lesson 92

1. Because the picture was not genuine, it was completely ________.

2. Please would you ________ me where the railway station is.

3. You'll have to use the stairs: the lift is out of ________.

4. British Leyland is aiming to push ________ its share of UK car sales to 25% over the next two years.

5. They got the bill three weeks ago, but they ________ haven't paid it.

6. When there are small children around, it is better to put breakable ornaments out of ________.

7. No, it's no good. I've ________ my time in trying to make it work.

8. The ________ of gold has fallen slightly in the last year.

9. There are several ways of saving money if you travel ________ train.

10. If we had set off earlier, we ________ our plane.

11. We ________ an excellent concert last night.

12. She complained ________ when she heard that she had to work on Sunday.

13. I expect you to use your ability ________, and then write a report about what you did.

14. I consulted my lawyer on the matter and I shall act ________ his advice.

15. Do you object ________ my smoking?

16. He remained faithful ________ the firm even after he had been dismissed.

17. Food is said ________ in price these days.

18. Dentists recommend brushing teeth with a fluoride toothpaste to ________ them from decay.

19. I am not a serious investor, but I like to ________ in the stock market.

20. If only everything ________ out as we wanted it to in life!

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