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Level C - Lesson 93

Level C - Lesson 93

1. Your behaviour makes me ________.

2. The price of the meal ________ a service charge.

3. This ________ invention of yours should make you rich.

4. There were so ________ people in the queue for tickets that I missed the train.

5. Many people think that Robert Redford is a ________-looking actor.

6. Would you risk ________ $500 on a horse?

7. David always ________ over to my house after he had done his homework.

8. If ________ it would stop raining for a morning, we could cut the grass.

9. A copy of our spring brochure is ________ with this letter.

10. You thought I did wrong but the results ________ my action.

11. Never ________, we'll see the film next week.

12. Some schools have very ________ rules of behaviour which must be obeyed.

13. At the hospital I was told that ________ I gave up smoking immediately my illness would get much worse.

14. His car was ________ in the accident.

15. It took Western economies many years to ________ from the oil crisis of the mid-70s.

16. It doesn't sound ________ he knows anything about it.

17. Without money you will be ________ to do anything about setting up your own business.

18. He delights ________ annoying me.

19. They would find another hotel if their rooms ________ for them.

20. Well I'm not surprised they are in a mess. It's not exactly ________ -shattering news.

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