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Level C - Lesson 94

Level C - Lesson 94

1. On the first morning of our camping holiday, I woke up covered in mosquito ________.

2. "Dickie, pointing ________ people is rude," Betty told her son.

3. Mr White ________ the company in the way he wanted to.

4. He ________ the headwaiter about the slow service.

5. My brother is much better than I am ________ football.

6. The purpose of the examination was to ________ the students' knowledge of the subject.

7. I paid a lot of money, but got very little for it. So from my point of view it wasn't a very good ________.

8. I wish you ________ make such a noise. I'm trying to work.

9. I think you ought to talk to Harry; he's got ________ very interesting information.

10. My brother is a parachute ________.

11. In her ________ she was a famous tennis player.

12. She wasn't keen ________ going to stay with her aunt.

13. Alison came home from work ________ very tired and depressed.

14. We haven't ________ thought of going abroad for a holiday because my husband is afraid of flying.

15. ________ each school year all the children were given copies of the school rules.

16. You shouldn't persist ________ bothering her.

17. He ________ spends his holidays in the mountains though occasionally he goes to the seaside instead.

18. By half past ten tomorrow morning I ________ along the motorway.

19. Conversations you strike up with travelling acquaintances usually tend to be ________.

20. The Brighton coach ________ at 8.30 a.m.

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