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Level C - Lesson 95

Level C - Lesson 95

1. You can learn as much theory as you like, but you only master a skill by ________ it a lot.

2. I'm afraid a rise in salary is ________ just now.

3. I'll ________ the children for you while you are out.

4. John and Barbara ________ to get married in St Mark's church.

5. Have you a rough ________ of how many people are coming to the party?

6. As the waiter crossed the restaurant, he ________ over someone's foot and dropped his tray.

7. When he heard the terrible noise he asked me what was ________ on.

8. I don't think that red dress ________ her.

9. He ________ a very interesting story.

10. In pain as a result of the fall, he ________ slowly home.

11. Two ________ beers, please.

12. "Blood-________ are urgently required," the spokesman for the hospital said.

13. She was so poor that she had to wander the streets and ________ for money.

14. I don't agree ________ you.

15. She's accustomed ________ living in comfort.

16. I drew a lot of money ________ the bank yesterday.

17. I wouldn't have been ill if I ________ on that trip.

18. The doctor arranged for me to see the ________ at the hospital about the pain in my back.

19. I'm really angry with the way I've been treated by this company. I've had it up to ________ with the way I've been treated.

20. Although he seemed convincing, I was somewhat suspicious ________ his over-confident manner.

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