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Level C - Lesson 96

Level C - Lesson 96

1. He was afraid of losing his suitcase so he tied a ________ on it on which he had written his name and address.

2. I am not sure, but ________ I know he has decided to accept the new job in London.

3. I enjoy working as his secretary, but he is such a perfectionist that it's ________.

4. You must ________ that your safety belt is fastened.

5. ________, after trying three times, he passed the examination.

6. That was no accident: you did it on ________!

7. I was just ________ to go out when you telephoned.

8. The witness told the court that he ________ the accused before.

9. In order to ________ with his studies he worked through the summer.

10. The tea is very hot; you'll have to ________ it.

11. This car is in terrible condition - you ________ have an accident at any time.

12. I think you'd better ________ and see me next week.

13. He may be quick at understanding, but he is not capable ________ remembering anything.

14. He was found guilty ________ murder and condemned to death.

15. He is not only indifferent ________ other people; he is often extremely rude to them as well.

16. ________ at the party!

17. All people experience good as well as bad things ________.

18. I can't remember when all those books ________.

19. If we went there, we ________ some of the museums.

20. I find it difficult sometimes to ________ between green and red.

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