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Level C - Lesson 97

Level C - Lesson 97

1. The new factory must be finished ________ as the profitability of the company depends on it.

2. The colour of the handle does not ________ so long as it is the right size.

3. We went to the railway station to ________ our friends ________.

4. He shouldn't be allowed to play in the club. He's not a ________.

5. After a day of housework I am totally ________.

6. There is no reason to ________ his honesty; he is absolutely sincere.

7. The constant ________ on their hands causes injury.

8. The League of Nations was set ________ after the First World War.

9. All good things must come to ________ end.

10. The evening performance had to be cancelled ________ of the illness of the leading actress.

11. Buses and trains are the most important forms of public ________ in this country.

12. You should have told me you were married, ________?

13. The books I borrowed are overdue. I'll have to take them back to the ________.

14. The actor enjoys giving ________ of poems by his favourite poets.

15. The phone is ringing. Could you ________, please?

16. The pilot said that with one engine of the plane out of action, it had been ________ over the Channel.

17. All the travel arrangements ________ before we received a letter from him.

18. The last meeting of our section ________ on 15th September.

19. You are still working on your essay. I think you ________ it by six o'clock.

20. sharp practices = ________.

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