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TOEFL Level - Lesson 10

TOEFL Level - Lesson 10

1. Since the earth's crust is much thicker under the continents, equipment would have to be capable of drilling through 100,000 feet of rock to investigate the mantle ________ .

2. Drivers should look very carefully ________ onto the main street.

3. The professor's daughter taught ________ to play the guitar.

4. The people of Western Canada have been considering ________ themselves from the rest of the provinces.

5. The greater the demand, ________ the price.

6. Many plants can grow in water, without any soil, ________ nutrients are added.

7. The teacher suggested that her students ________ experiences with ESP.

8. It was not until she arrived in class________ realized she had forgotten her book.

9. The Louisiana Territory, an area ________ the size of France, was bought by the United States from France for $15,000,000 in 1803.

10. Although one of his ships succeeded in sailing all the way back to Spain through the Cape of Good Hope, Magellan never completed the first circumnavigation of the world, and ________.

11. ________ "cultural diffusion" refers to the spread of customs or practices from one culture to another.

12. Amniocentesis can be used not only to diagnose fetal disorders ________ the sex of the unborn child with 95 percent accuracy.

13. The adder is a venomous snake ________ bite may prove fatal to humans.

14. ________ of the Stamp Act in 1865 provoked strong opposition among the American colonists.

15. An elephant can lift ________ a ton with its tusks.

16. The human brain ________ only two percent of an adult's body weight.

17. Chemists are not sure ________ .

18. In the 1960s, pop art ________ to discover artistic significance in the commercial artifacts of the consumer culture.

19. Nestled along the shoreline of Hudson Bay ________.

20. Glass that has been tempered may be up to ________.

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