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TOEFL Level - Lesson 12

TOEFL Level - Lesson 12

1. ________ did Arthur realize that there was danger.

2. In mathematics, a variable is a symbol ________ some element of a set.

3. Few natural elements exist in ________ that they are rarely seen in their natural environments.

4. The janitor refused to unlock the classroom door because he ________ busy.

5. ________, which is the highest in the range, appears challenging.

6. The student managed to pass the entrance examination ________ he was blind.

7. John F.Kennedy was the youngest president of the United States and ________ to be assassinated.

8. ________ the formulation of explanatory laws, the first step in scientific research is the collection and description of facts.

9. It is earth's gravity that ________ people their weight.

10. _______ that new information to anyone else but the sergeant

11. Considered unique and exotic, ________.

12. Perhaps the oldest theories of business cycles are ________ that linked their cause to fluctuations of the harvest.

13. Oscillatona, one of the few plants that can move about, ________ a wavy, gliding motion.

14. The works of Picasso were quite ________ during various periods of his artistic life.

15. The more hemoglobin one has, the more oxygen is carried to ________ cells.

16. ________ can be grown on arid land.

17. ________ air traffic controllers guide planes through conditions of near zero visibility.

18. Culture influences the way ________.

19. Overexposure to the sun causes ________ health problems.

20. The doctor told his receptionist that he would return ________

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