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TOEFL Level - Lesson 13

TOEFL Level - Lesson 13

1. It has been estimated that ________ one hundred thousand men participated in the gold rush of 1898.

2. A seventeen-year-old is not ________ to vote in an election.

3. As soon as ________ with an acid, salt, and sometimes water, is formed.

4. The Ford Theater where Lincoln was shot ________.

5. The skiers would rather________ through the mountains than go by bus.

6. He has received several scholarships ________

7. The doctor insisted that his patient ________

8. Legumes take nitrogen into their roots ________ the air.

9. So little ________ that he failed the examination.

10. The belief in life after death is prevalent in both primitive societies ________ advanced cultures.

11. Copper is the favored metal for electricians' wire because of ________.

12. Before the Angles and the Saxons ________ to England, the Iberians had lived there.

13. A college bookstore that sells used textbooks stocks ________ along with the new ones on the shelf under the course title.

14. ________ discovery of insulin, it was not possible to treat diabetes.

15. Out of John Kenneth Galbraith's The Affluent Society ________ for an increase in public goods, potentially at the expense of private goods.

16. The human body has four jugular veins, ________ each side of the neck.

17. When ________ of impulses from many of the neurons in one part of the brain, an epileptic seizure occurs.

18. Aspirin is used ________ a constriction of the blood vessels.

19. ________ gene in the human genome were more completely understood, many human diseases could be cured or prevented.

20. Only after food has been dried or canned ________.

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