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TOEFL Level - Lesson 22

TOEFL Level - Lesson 22

1. George belongs to the ________

2. Alice Freeman, ________ to head Wellesley College at age 27, is one of the youngest college presidents in history.

3. It is only recently that ballets have been based on themes ________ American life.

4. Cellulose, which ________ for making paper, can be found in all plants.

5. ________ children master the basics, advanced development becomes easier.

6. The final examination was cancelled ________.

7. The chairman requested that ________.

8. The saturated fat in dairy foods is thought ________ a factor in heart disease.

9. ________ problems in sailing in tropical seas is the coral reefs.

10. The bombardier beetle gets its name because ________ its prey with caustic liquid.

11. ________ discussion of group personality would be complete without a consideration of national character.

12. He gave ________.

13. ________ in the world export diamonds.

14. The lights and appliances in most homes use alternating current ________.

15. Before Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, many people died ________.

16. ________ under Chief Tecumseh, the Shawnees lost most of their lands to whites and were moved into territories.

17. People who have very little technical background have ________ to understand computer language.

18. It is the recommendation of many psychologists ________ to associate words and remember names.

19. A bat will often spend the daylight hours ________ upside down in a tree or cave.

20. David Bushnell, of Yale, ________ a submarine in 1775.

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