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TOEFL Level - Lesson 26

TOEFL Level - Lesson 26

1. Fire-resistant materials are used to retard ________ of modern aircraft in case of accidents.

2. Because the United States does not have much oil anymore, imported oil ________ used more and more.

3. The FDA was set up in 1940 ________ that maintain standards for the sale of food and drugs.

4. If a ruby is heated it ________ temporarily lose its color.

5. Robots are being used increasingly in industry as they can work on large jobs faster, are more precise and ________.

6. The algebra of sets ________ Boolean algebra.

7. That magnificent ________ temple was constructed by the Chinese.

8. ________ the formation of the Sun, the planets, and other stars began with the condensation of an interstellar cloud.

9. ________ in Shanghai than in any other city in China.

10. That most natural time units are not simple multiples of each other ________ in constructing a calendar.

11. In the U.S. more than 60 percent of all high school students who ________ continue their education.

12. Although southern California is densely populated, ________ live in the northern part of the state.

13. Waitresses and waiters who serve ________ deserve at least a 20 percent tip.

14. If water is heated to 212 degrees F. ________ as steam.

15. The total production of bushels of corn in the United States is ________ all other cereal crops combined.

16. By the time a baby has reached his first birthday, he should, without the help of an adult, ________ sit up or even stand up.

17. The sport of hang gliding ________ by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

18. It is the recommendation of the U.S. Public Health Service ________ all children be vaccinated against a variety of diseases.

19. Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in America, ________ in 1607.

20. ________ of the play, 'Mourning Becomes Electra', introduces the cast of characters and hints at the plot.

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