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TOEFL Level - Lesson 27

TOEFL Level - Lesson 27

1. ________ owe much of their success as a group to their unusual powers of migration.

2. Even if the unemployment rate ________ sharply, the drop may still be temporary.

3. June was very angry that her mail from home ________.

4. His wife ________ told that he had had an accident.

5. The freshman read an advertisement ________ the newspaper about an apartment to rent.

6. They went to the store to buy knives, forks, spoons and ________.

7. Many of the current international problems we are now facing ________.

8. The crime rate has continued to rise in American cities despite efforts on the part of both government and private citizens to curb ________.

9. ________ of commodities by air began in the 1920s at the same time as airmail service.

10. Thirty-eight national sites are known as parks, another eighty-two as monuments, and ________.

11. ________ daily promotes physical as well as emotional well-being in people of all ages.

12. Although the scientific community had hoped that the field of transplantation ________ , the shortage of organ donors has curtailed research.

13. ________ apples are grown in Washington State.

14. Countries may ________ the World Bank for development projects.

15. The average elevation of the Himalayas is twenty thousand feet, and Mount Everest ________ to more than twenty-nine thousand feet at its apex.

16. ________ migrate long distances is well documented.

17. To relieve pressure in the skull, ________ into the blood.

18. A slipped disk is a condition ________ the intervertebral disk protrudes and presses on nerves.

19. The pirate Jean Lafitte offered his services to the U.S. government in the War of 1812, ________ in 1815, and received a full pardon from President James Madison.

20. The facilities of the older hospital________

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