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TOEFL Level - Lesson 33

TOEFL Level - Lesson 33

1. Although we often use "speed" and "velocity" interchangeably, in a technical sense, "speed" is not always ________ "velocity."

2. In order for people to work together effectively, they need ________ each other's needs.

3. In the preparation of fibrous material for production uses, stiff woody fibers from plants ________ fibers from animal sources.

4. The salary of a bus driver is much higher ________.

5. The serval, a large African wildcat, hunts like a dog ________ like other members of the cat family.

6. Here________ notebook and report that I promised you last week.

7. The committee members resented ________

8. A telephone recording tells callers ________.

9. Napoleon ________ the West Indian island of Santo Domingo in 1801.

10. Both liquids and gases flow freely from a container because they have ________.

11. Declared an endangered species in the United States, ________.

12. In partnership with John D. Rockefeller, Henry Flager ________ the Standard Oil Company.

13. According to communications theory, after the message leaves the sender, he ________ controls it.

14. Business partners can usually sell their mutually owned property without consulting ________ unless they have agreed to a separate contract.

15. Harvard ________ a school for men, but now it is coeducational, serving as many women as men.

16. ________ at 212 degrees F. and freezes at 32 degrees F.

17. From 1898 to 1933, the U.S. Weather Bureau obtained information about the weather from ________ to box kites.

18. The incidence of anorexia nervosa, ________, is growing in industrially advanced societies.

19. ________ more susceptible to bacterial contamination than other types of meat because it has more surface area exposed to bacteria laden air.

20. Research in the work place reveals that people work for many reasons ________.

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