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TOEFL Level - Lesson 8

TOEFL Level - Lesson 8

1. Pioneer men and women endured terrible hardships, and ________

2. The rains of 1993 ________ the Missouri river to overflow resulted in one of the worst floods of this century.

3. The Consumer Price Index lists ________.

4. Professional people appreciate ________ when it is necessary to cancel an appointment.

5. A student should tell a dorm counselor if ________ live with his roommate again next year.

6. It is the first time that the Princess of Wales has been to the United States, ________?

7. Gilbert Stuart is considered by most art critics ________ greatest portrait painter in the North American colonies.

8. The Irish brought the popular custom of Halloween to America ________ 1840s.

9. ________ that increasing numbers of compact-disc players will be bought by consumers in the years to come.

10. The volume of Hawaii's Mauna Loa is fifty times ________ Mount Everest.

11. ________ categorized as lipids.

12. Ben would have studied medicine if he________to a medical school.

13. The jurors were told to ________.

14. We had hoped ________ the game, but the other team played very well.

15. The U.S. postal service policy for check approval includes a requirement that two pieces of identification ________.

16. In order for people who spoke different languages to engage in trade ________ , they often developed a simplified language called "pidgin".

17. The Supreme Court does not hear a case unless ________ , except those involving foreign ambassadors.

18. Past experience has shown that even well-trained ________ overwhelming success in forecasting interest rates.

19. The financial manager's job ________ among the many sources of finance for the best interest rates available.

20. The All Pueblo Council is said ________ from 1598.

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