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Từ đồng nghĩa-TOEFL, Bài số 18

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1. A series of calamities can severely affect underwriters' earnings.

2. It is much easier to talk about social change than it is to make it happen.

3. The Boy Scouts usually sell apple juice in the fall in order to earn money for their activities.

4. Since you don't know them very well, it would be suitable for you to send a card instead of a gift.

5. Most eyeglasses will not break into many pieces because they are made with either plastic or a special blend of glass.

6. Salt has been a respected commodity for much of recorded time.

7. According to a belief prevalent in many places, a small, forked stick referred to as a "divining rod" is able to locate subterranean springs.

8. Deceptively simple in design, the sculptural works of Isamu Noguchi incorporate a broad range of textures, sizes, and contours.

9. Prior to his appointment as secretary of state, Henry Kissinger was a professor of government and international affairs at Harvard.

10. Modern techniques have made dentures virtually unnoticeable.

11. In the Petrified Forest National Park, huge chunks of fossilized wood are surrounded by numerous smaller fragments.

12. Under the major's able leadership, the soldiers found safety.

13. The rigor exhibited by the general was totally unwarranted.

14. When the protestor entered the meeting clad only in a beach towel, the audience was dumbfounded.

15. John Dewey loathed the idea that children should not participate in activities as part of their educational experience.

16. The Supreme Court has a reputation for being just.

17. Practitioners of behavioral medicine encourage patients to be responsible for their own health.

18. Exchange rates for most currencies do not float freely.

19. The world's busiest airport is Chicago's O'Hare, where each year 550,000 flights land and take off.

20. Lifting the shoulders is a gesture that indicates lack of interest.

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